CRC Dnipro

CRC Dnipro approached us with the task of:

- Collect two simulators that can prepare beginners and experienced pilots for real competitions
- Do it so that the landing can be adjusted to the pilot's height and comfort;
- Create a unique product for your customers

🔥 Here's what came out of it:

The @prosimu 3-axis motion platform absorbs bumps on the track and allows you to feel the drift of the rear axle when turning, which allows you not to lose precious seconds on the track.

Able to meet the needs of even experienced racing drivers, the Simagic @simagicofficial Alpha Mini steering wheel base has become the best choice due to its small size, 10nm power and the ability to flexibly adapt to the required discipline.

@mecasimhardware pedals with force sensor on each pedal up to 200 kg

Triple screen on curved 32-inch Samsung monitors with 120 Hz screen refresh

For a comfortable fit, the @ompracing seat with a fiberglass frame was chosen.

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